Who I Am & Why You Should Donate To Me

Firstly, I am not an academic or indeed, a financial professional.

I am a self-employed business services professional.

No, that does not mean I am loaded or that I have a trust fund which props-up my lifestyle.

Rogue Economics is basically an extension of my studies.

I study, as a means to help me make better money, business and trading decisions.

As a matter of fact, I decided against pursuing formal university education because, I have tried that pathway and I discovered that tutors and lecturers were actually, some of the least-competant people on the planet and they actively encouraged me to write things which were not true and threatened me with various measures if I did not stick to the pathway which they administered.

As someone who does not respond to threats (or blackmail), this was anathema to me and I decided I would rather take the financial hit and just write-off the money I have essentially wasted (I self-funded all my study) and just treat it as experience.

However, this experience revealed to me that academics (and by extension, economists) are often nothing more than useful idiots for the establishment who don’t get to actively “be economists” unless they swallow someone elses dogma along the way.

This completely overrides the purpose of economics as a field of study and I consider that I would rather take the hard way to success and remain independent than sell-out just for the sake of “faster progress”. 

This did reveal however an important truth: economists and financial professionals would rather be collectively wrong than stand alone in saying something inconvenient.

Nowadays, I trade as method of assuring that I have more financial independence than an average person does when the shit inevitably hits the fan.

I began writing for myself in order to fully flesh-out my theories and when I realised people found value in them I decided that I should start publishing more of my theories and analysis.

That’s partially where Rogue Economics came from.

All of this takes time, money, resources and brainpower. The sheer amount of research which goes into my articles and trades I consider would have a substantial monetary value if I was employed by an outside company to conduct it on their behalf.

So, in a nutshell, if my work has ever helped you make better decisions, or given you some insights into important issues, or dare I say, made you some money then feel-free to show your appreciation with a small donation.

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